Workshops are organized by WEALA membership and address topics that may be of interest to laboratories or Lab users or that are current affairs of public interest. The workshops provide a forum for discussion and are organized to provide views from speakers in industry, consulting, or government regulators. There is always an attempt to bring an analytical chemistry component to the workshops as well. For information on upcoming workshops, check out the Upcoming Events section. Some of our past workshops and topics are listed below.


April 25, 2013: Analytical Challenges

18th April 4, 2007: Advances in Analytical Technology

17th April 19, 2006: Environmental Monitoring : Collection, Analysis and Use of the Data by Industry, Government and Research

16th April 14, 2005: Current Water Quality Issues

15th April 15, 2004: Regulatory Aspects of By-Product Management and Testing

14th April 10, 2003: Advances in Laboratory Technology.

13th April 11, 2002: The environmental aspects of accelerated oil sands development in Alberta

12th April 11, 2001: Scientific, environmental, and analytical issues of greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

11th April 21, 1998: WEALA-AWAC Environmental and Analytical Issues of Agricultural Waste Management

10th April 8, 1997: WEALA-AWAC Toxicity testing in soils and waters - Analytical and regulatory issues

9th April 16-17, 1996: Petroleum hydrocarbons in wastes, soils, and waters - Analytical and regulatory concerns

8th April 18-19, 1995: Environmental and analytical aspects of contaminated site assessments

7th April 12,1994: WEALA-AWAC: Environmental sampling, analysis, and interpretation

6th April 22, 1993: WEALA-AWAC (Alberta Water Analysts Committee): Advances in environmental analytical chemistry.

5th March 21, 1991: Heavy Metals in the Environment

4th April 15, 1988: Lab Automation

3rd April 14, 1987: Heavy Metal Analysis

2nd February 26–27, 1986: Soil Analysis: Impact on Agricultural and Resource Industries

1st February 18, 1985: Soil sampling, quality assurance/quality control, and laboratory accreditation